Born in 1977 life long artist Jamie Chasse grew up in the crossroads of New York and Boston. He creates unique and engaging images using alloy and other metal. Excelling in art from a very young age, Chasse's relentless self-teaching efforts coupled with a bold desire for impeccable work have positioned him to now collaborate with top-tier arts (such as Jeff Koons, Joel Shapiro, KAWS, Robert Indiana, and more). Additionally, his mastery of painting allows him the opportunities to restore beloved sculptures to their original beauty.
Fueled by an intense passion to create exquisite and inspiring works, Chasse's career is ever-evolving; he relishes making new connection, offering educational insight for young artist, pushing the boundaries of art, and overall being a valuable member to the art community.
My work borders the two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms, encompassing my life’s experiences to this point. By offering a simultaneous reflection of my past and present, viewers can see themselves through my eyes, passion, and perseverance. The reflective quality of alloy offers viewers a chance to manipulate the artwork and alter its appearance from where they stand, creating an indirect, vivid interaction between the observer and my works.
The story I tell through my work is: with faith, hope, dedication, and positivity, you can accomplish anything you set out for.
"An artist's work is a reflection of themselves; their past, their present, their fears, their joys, beliefs, and so much more. It demands emotion and interpretation from the viewer and offers an impression of the artist."

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